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SIhoo publishes 2019 white paper on sedentary behavior at work in China

Date of publication:2019 / 07 / 16    Number of visits: 747

sihoo furniture co., LTD released a white paper on sedentary behavior in China's workplace in 2019 at the 43rd China (guangzhou) international furniture expo in guangzhou, south China's guangdong province, March 28, 2019. sihoo furniture hereby calls on all sectors of society to pay attention to the current situation of sitting in office and work together to explore solutions to reduce the harm caused by sitting in office.


In 2019, the white paper on sedentary behavior at work in China adopted a combination of online and offline surveys, conducted a questionnaire survey and collected 16,981 valid questionnaire data, so as to deeply explore the internal relationship between sedentary behavior at work and workplace health and even future national spine health.


Who is increasing sedentary time in the office?


According to the white paper, 58.6% of office workers sit for more than one hour at a time, and 39.3% of them sit for more than 90 minutes. The post-90s generation is the main force of sitting for a long time.


In addition to the pressure from work and life, most sedentary behaviors are involuntary and passive. The prevalence of take-away food, the rise of various social networking apps and mobile games are all contributing factors to sedentary behaviors in the workplace. As the future of China's economic development, people should pay attention to the problem of sitting in the workplace.


Start the battle of workplace health


If we sit for a long time, we can't maintain a healthy sitting position all the time. Gradually, we will hunch over, which will increase the pressure on our spine. Over time, various spinal diseases will come to us. For most office workers, choosing the right chair is a good strategy to start with.


In recent years, people's concept of workplace health has also been strengthened. More and more enterprises and individuals are willing to pay for a good chair, and many Internet companies have spent a lot of money to replace the ergonomic chair. The use of good chairs to alleviate the injury of sitting for a long time has gradually become a mainstream trend, among which engineering seats have attracted much attention and become an important choice for many people working.


Watch out for sedentary behavior at work, and sit better for yourself


As the famous brand of the industry, the west's son furniture for many years, adhering to the "everyone can enjoy the west's son, the engineering seat" as the vision, the west's son together with the shenzhen association of human body engineering application open large sedentary workplace hazards popular science activities, released a white paper on "2019 China office sedentary behavior, in the workplace sedentary health promoting public welfare undertakings, and jointly promote the workplace sedentary healthy development, and calls for the social from all walks of life to strengthen the workplace sedentary behavior status recognition and attention.


West HaoGongXue institute for red berries on the scene, said the people in sedentary time, appeared many because sedentary cause health problems, need to cause the attention of the whole society, for the west's son founded west HaoGongXue institute, work hard to reduce sedentary workplace hazards of popular science and work, the west's son to believe that after people's health awareness, the world will be more and more beautiful.


From the very beginning of its establishment, sihoo furniture has been determined to be a professional engineering furniture, aiming to relieve the spinal pressure of contemporary office workers. In addition to the current focus on sedentary behavior in the workplace, we have also conducted an in-depth study on the sedentary situation of children, middle-aged and elderly people, so as to let more people understand the importance of engineering chairs. Form specification at the same time in order to promote the establishment of technology standards, to ensure that a well-ordered development industry, west son founded west HaoGongXue institute and hand in hand to shenzhen association of human body engineering application, released the children study desk and chair standard of human body engineering, the ergonomic office chair technical white paper, and other industry standard, for the whole society of universal health posture at the same time, also in an effort to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers' health.

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