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sihoo furniture 618 huali finished jingdong furniture list first

Date of publication:2019 / 07 / 16    Number of visits: 627

By June 18, sihoo furniture e-commerce sales received good news frequently, which is not only a recognition of all sihoo people's hard work during the 618 period, but also an important indicator of the market's trust in sihoo products. sihoo furniture keeps making breakthroughs and firmly believes to win the market with quality and public praise with service.

On the day of June 18, the turnover of sihoo furniture brand increased by 298% compared with the same period of previous years, among which the sales of sihoo jingdong self-operated store increased by 363% and the sales of sihoo jingdong flagship store increased by 243%. It achieved a new level every year, steadily increased its market share, and won the first place in jingdong furniture brand ranking list.

During the activity of 618, the sales volume of sihoo tmall e-commerce platform increased by 158% on June 1st and 99% on June 16th compared with the same period of previous years. It only took 8 minutes for 616 to surpass the sales volume of last year. sihoo is constantly refreshing the results, with one after another new data record interpretation of sihoo speed.

sihoo, as China's leading brand of ergonomic furniture, provides furniture with advanced intelligent engineering design concepts for global users' learning, work and entertainment. In order to guarantee our users to get high-quality products and good experience, we set up China's leading sihoo institute of engineering and technology, to create a set of product design, manufacturing, marketing, storage and transportation and after-sales service as one of the whole industrial chain system.

In 2019, sihoo brand image was upgraded, and yan yikuan, a famous film star, was signed as the brand image ambassador, opening a new chapter of sihoo brand. In the future, sihoo furniture will deeply explore the engineering furniture market with a more focused spirit and stand at the forefront of the industry. Meanwhile, as the first group of engineering furniture enterprises exploring the Internet and new retail, sihoo furniture has the obligation and responsibility to lead the development of ergonomic furniture industry and contribute to the whole industry.

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