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Sihoo signed the "ergonomics children learning furniture industry self-disciplin

Date of publication:2019 / 07 / 08    Number of visits: 742

On June 26, in the shenzhen market supervision and administration bureau, shenzhen association of human body engineering application and witness the national mainstream media, the west's son signed for children to learn the human body engineering furniture industry self-discipline (try out) "(hereinafter referred to as" self-discipline "), and promises to strict self-discipline, lead by example, employed law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, fair competition, order standard. Refuse to violate laws and regulations and public order good customs behavior, for the whole industry to clean up the source, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

As one of the main sponsors, sihoo furniture co., LTD attended the signing activity, accompanied by many other children's learning furniture enterprises in China. Liu shuai, head of sihoo brand, said at the signing ceremony: industry self-discipline is an inevitable product of the market economy system. Only by doing a good job of self-discipline in each industry can the industry survive in the competitive market and we can have a healthy and orderly market. sihoo will set an example by providing children with healthy and environmentally friendly furniture products that meet the requirements of ergonomics standards. It also proposes that relevant industry institutions fulfill their social responsibilities and jointly create a favorable industry development environment.

It is understood that the convention is the trial version finally released after extensive consultation and revision. In the drafting process, we also refer to the national, provincial and municipal conventions in the same industry. The content of the convention covers the interests of the industry, industry norms, credit system construction, staff skills training, market order maintenance, ecological civilization construction and other basic treaties. The release of the convention fills the system gap of Chinese ergonomics children's learning furniture industry, and it is also a milestone of the construction of industry integrity, which has a leading role in the construction of ergonomics industry integrity system.

sihoo signed the "ergonomics children learning furniture industry self-discipline convention", advocating the industry standard development

sihoo signed the "ergonomics children learning furniture industry self-discipline convention", advocating the industry standard development

It is understood that after the west's son has been involved in the human body engineering children study desk and chair requirements "group standard participated in the work, the standard fill in the missing children furniture industry category segment standard blank, will provide new guidance for the furniture industry technical specification standards, to establish a standard system, regulating the industry development, have important decision-making reference value and market guide. The signing of the self-discipline convention by sihoo has once again played a leading and exemplary role in promoting the standardization of enterprises in the ergonomics industry.

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