Driven by a commitment to foster intelligent and inspiring environments that optimize performance, Sihoo has dedicated over a decade of focus on advancing human-centric seating technology and promoting wellness.

We established the Institute of Ergonomics, staffed by nearly a hundred top researchers, dedicated to creating ergonomic chairs for every user, enhancing health for those with sedentary lifestyles.


Eco-friendliness Measures

Sihoo champions an eco-friendly, low-carbon, and green lifestyle by enhancing production efficiency and minimizing carbon emissions. We incorporate recyclable materials in our products and tools to diminish resource waste, demonstrating our commitment to environmental protection in every aspect of our operations.

Looking Forward

Sihoo recognizes that healthy sitting aligns with the core needs of modern users. With the trend towards intelligent products, we envision chairs evolving into health management tools, catering to work, leisure, and relaxation. Our R&D extends beyond healthy seating, leveraging technology for multifaceted services, driven by a commitment to user health and satisfaction.

Our focus isn’t just on creating marketable products but on fulfilling real user needs. We’re transitioning from traditional to smart chairs, prioritizing user value and global health. Additionally, we support our agents with policies, services, and training, sharing our growth insights.

As China’s leading brand, Sihoo aims to become the world’s top ergonomic chair brand, inviting global partners to join our journey in promoting health worldwide.

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