Driven by a commitment to foster intelligent and inspiring environments that optimize performance, Sihoo has dedicated over a decade of focus on advancing human-centric seating technology and promoting wellness.


Est. 2011

Over 10 million users worldwide

151 patented technologies

Presence in 100+ countries and regions

In response to a worldwide shift towards healthier living, Sihoo collaborates with our global brand partners to pioneer the future with top-of-the-line ergonomic products. Our focus on dynamic lumbar support and human-centric seating technology is designed to boost productivity and ignite creativity, empowering you to work efficiently and bring your innovative ideas to fruition.

Why Choose Sihoo?

Why Choose Sihoo?

In today's world, prolonged sitting has become a norm, heightening the risk of health concerns like obesity, back pain, and poor posture.

At Sihoo, our mission is to combat these issues by crafting comfortable, ergonomic furniture. Our products boast advanced features such as dynamic lumbar support, a waterfall-shaped seat cushion, high-quality breathable mesh, and a flexible backrest, providing comprehensive support for various body parts and ensuring enduring comfort.

Choose Sihoo to sustain unwavering focus, boost productivity, and ignite your creative spark.

Our Commitment to Quality and Innovation

We continuously explore new concepts, designs, and functionalities, pushing the boundaries in the ergonomic furniture industry. Our dedication to creating superior products is fueled by a deep sense of responsibility and professionalism, driving our quest for excellence.

At Sihoo, we adhere to the highest standards in manufacturing, ensuring each product is crafted with excellence for optimal satisfaction. Every item undergoes rigorous durability testing and is backed by our warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality. Innovation is at the heart of our approach.

Our Vision

To enable everyone to lead a comfortable and healthy life.

At Sihoo, we are experts in designing ergonomic furniture that meets the varied requirements of individuals globally. We are deeply committed to inclusivity, ensuring that people from all backgrounds can access and benefit from ergonomic comfort and support.

Our Mission

To enhance life quality through innovative furniture.

Sihoo skillfully integrates ergonomic principles with the evolving ergonomic furniture industry. Our advanced designs offer unparalleled comfort, whether you are sitting, reclining, working, or simply living, thereby elevating everyday experiences.

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