Sihoo's Journey to Excellence

Sihoo was founded by a team of expert furniture engineers

We inaugurated our first ergonomics museum

The establishment of the Ergonomics Innovation Application Base and Ergonomics Testing Center marked the start of our comprehensive R&D system, integrating design, production, and testing

We upgraded our brand strategy and launched the Sihoo Ergonomic Furniture Research Institute, furthering our ergonomic furniture research

Sihoo topped the European market as the best-seller in computer chairs

Our ergonomic chairs are globally distributed in over 100 countries, gaining popularity in Fortune 500 companies and with over 10 million households

Sihoo's Global Impact

Overmillion users worldwide

ABOUTpatented technologies

PRESENCE IN+countries and regions

Quality Control Measures at Sihoo

Core Technologies

Patented Dynamic Lumbar Support

Advanced Seat-Back Integration ensuring you remain supported at the perfect angle

Shock Absorbing Cushion

World's first 6D Armrest

Smart Weight AeroBalancer

Patented Dynamic Lumbar Support

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