The Sihoo T6, the world’s first smart ergonomic chair, is officially released.


On May 8th, the launch event of the new smart ergonomic chair, the Sihoo T6, themed “Revolutionize the Chair Industry, Intelligent Stress Relief,” was successfully held. At this event, Sihoo unveiled its flagship smart ergonomic chair, the T6, marking its transition from focusing on waist health in version 1.0, overall body health in version 2.0, comfortable health in version 3.0, to officially entering version 4.0, focusing on intelligent health.

The T6 is equipped with iChair Light Sensation Stress Relief Technology, the latest smart technology achievement of Sihoo after ten years of technical accumulation, the establishment of a nearly hundred-person research team, and an investment of one billion in R&D expenses. It covers four major areas: massage stress relief system, immersive acoustic system, health management system, and intelligent ergonomics system.

Massage Stress Relief System: Relief Anytime, Anywhere

According to the “2023 Workplace Health Report” by Mercer, a health and welfare consulting agency, interviews with 17,000 employees from 15 countries worldwide found that 47% of respondents feel stressed in their daily lives.

Being under high pressure for a long time, without proper care measures, not only diminishes people’s enthusiasm for work and office efficiency but also negatively affects individual psychological health. According to a report by the World Health Organization, approximately one billion people worldwide are suffering from mental disorders, and mental stress has become a serious social problem.

In recent years, with the acceleration of the pace of life and the improvement of collective health consciousness, people have begun to pay attention to the stability of their inner state and seek windows for stress relief. For Sihoo, physical and mental stress relief is a pressing issue for users and also the direction of Sihoo’s smart product and technological innovation. Stress relief has become the main focus of Sihoo’s smart ergonomic chairs.

Through several rounds of market research and a large amount of scientific research evidence, massage therapy is found to be a preferred relaxation method for many people. Daily mild massages on the body muscles help muscles relax and recover, which can also alleviate negative emotions. However, traditional massage chairs are generally bulky and difficult to move, requiring specific time for use. Based on this pain point, Sihoo invested significant efforts in the structural design of the new product, T6. While ensuring the comfort and aesthetic design of the seat, massage functions were added to meet the demand for stress relief anytime, anywhere.

Tailored massage programs were designed for different muscle stresses and fatigue levels. The massage for the shoulder and neck area draws inspiration from the techniques, intensity, and speed of massage masters, using two sets of four different-sized semi-spherical massage heads that fit the body’s skin more closely, providing a smoother and deeper massage, with a more comfortable and gentle touch. Combined with the T6 chair back’s lifting function, it can massage different areas according to user needs, relieving shoulder, neck, or back fatigue, inducing deep relaxation. For the waist massage, a wave-like pulsating tapping method is used, penetrating through the skin’s epidermis layer to the fascia layer, providing a deep massage that relieves muscle spasms caused by long periods of sitting, revitalizing the tense lumbar spine.

The massage relaxation system of T6 offers seven different massage modes for users to choose from, including office relaxation mode, leisure nap mode, and sports recovery mode, covering various scenarios of work and home. The product has a built-in sedentary care mode, and the massage function can be customized according to user needs.

It’s worth mentioning that the T6 occupies an area of only 0.43m², 60% smaller than traditional massage chairs, not excessively occupying living space. It can be activated anytime for relaxation and provides comprehensive support during work, achieving both work and relaxation in one step.

Immersive Acoustic System: Immersive Sound, Enhanced Reality

When email boxes are filled with work content, life is disrupted by frequent meetings, and smartphones witness daily information explosions, and when omnipresent pressure invades people’s minds and bodies, listening to music, ASMR for sleep aid, and attending meditation classes have become havens for people to release stress. By using sound transmission, taut nerves can relax, and anxious emotions can be alleviated. This also provides an opportunity for the development of T6’s immersive acoustic system, providing users with therapeutic stress relief through auditory sensations, in addition to tactile massage relaxation.

Currently, ergonomic chairs in the industry only focus on innovating the “sitting” function in a single dimension, but most cannot meet the deep-seated needs of users for entertainment and relaxation. For example, when users relax by listening to music or playing games during office breaks, if they want better auditory effects, they would need to separately purchase audio equipment. Therefore, to allow users to enjoy first-class audio experiences while sitting on the T6, Sihoo collaborated with Harman Kardon to create an immersive sound system.

As an international acoustics giant, Harman Kardon has cooperated with automotive brands such as BMW, Alfa Romeo, Volvo, and Volkswagen. Sihoo is the first ergonomic chair brand to collaborate with Harman Kardon, and the T6 is the world’s first ergonomic chair to use the Harman Kardon audio system.

The immersive acoustic system features five unique audio units, including two high-fidelity full-range units, two tweeters, and one oversized subwoofer unit, with a high signal-to-noise ratio of up to 84 decibels and distortion of up to 0.8%. During the research and development process, both teams extensively calculated the acoustic engineering layout, orientation, and other aspects of the sound system. Finally, after 16 months of collaboration between Sihoo and Harman Kardon, using original Harman Kardon speaker units meticulously arranged at various positions on the T6 seat, the unique design makes the T6 sound system akin to a personal audio studio, allowing users to enjoy an immersive audio experience wherever they are. Furthermore, through calibration by the world-renowned Harman acoustic tuning team, clear and crisp trebles, stable and smooth midranges, and full-bodied and deep bass tones are ensured. This outstanding sound effect has received high-fidelity certification from Harman’s Golden Ear Acoustics Team.

In addition to the audio units, the T6 also integrates Nuvoton’s DSP for sound adjustment. Users can customize audio parameters according to their needs and preferences, creating different scene sound effects. The system comes with 21 soothing and healing music tracks selected by psychologists, including meditation therapy, sound therapy for stress relief, and natural sounds, soothing emotions accumulated during busy work at any time.

Health Management System: Personal Consultant, Guarding Health

Effectively managing stress and building a dual defense line for physical and mental health, conscious health management is key. In recent years, with the encouragement of the “Healthy China 2030 Outline Plan” policy and the popularization of intelligent terminal devices, people have gradually shifted from a treatment-oriented lifestyle to a proactive health care mode focusing on health protection and prevention.

Based on comprehensive health protection for users, the T6 is equipped with precision human body sensors, currently leading in the commercial field, detecting eleven health indicators such as weight, heart rate, and body fat percentage, allowing users to understand changes in their physical condition in real-time. It analyzes data in real-time based on cloud-recorded data and

Unlike other smart devices, the T6 also records chair usage data such as daily “back support,” “long-term sitting focus,” and “leaving the seat activities.” It generates posture health reports, reminding users regularly to maintain proper sitting habits, integrating health care into their daily lives.

The app also incorporates a health file management system. Users can import medical records, prescription lists, medical reports, and other documents to digitize their records, enhancing their proactive health management awareness. However, Sihoo’s expectations for the product extend beyond this. In the future, Sihoo hopes to integrate with hospital databases, allowing experts from different hospitals to intuitively analyze data and health records. The chair itself may even serve as a professional medical consultant, automatically diagnosing and analyzing physical health conditions.

Intelligent Ergonomics System: Continuing Classics, Breaking Through

For Sihoo, the T6’s most fundamental definition remains a human-centric ergonomic chair that brings users a healthy and comfortable experience. Therefore, the T6 continues the excellent design of Sihoo’s pinnacle work, the S300, and achieves further technological innovation on this basis.

Firstly, the Space Base 2.0 technology has been upgraded, enhancing the forward-leaning office function. In the forward-leaning office mode, to prevent users from hunching over and straining their spine while focusing on work, with the thigh and waist angle too small and the spinal pressure too heavy, the T6 seat and back always conform to the body posture, forming a healthy sitting posture.

Secondly, to seek a more comfortable sitting sensation, the team adopted a unique three-layer mesh fabric design. The first layer is the Light Cloud mesh fabric, embedded with Italian velvet on DuPont materials, providing a delicate and skin-friendly touch. The second layer is the 3D air fiber, a new generation of furniture soft materials with 160,000 independent support points, fully releasing pressure on the buttocks, with a six-sided hollow three-dimensional structure, excellent air permeability, forming a microcirculation air layer, creating a dry and comfortable sitting environment. The third layer is Teslin mesh fabric, with strong tensile and durable characteristics. The combination of the three layers ensures the comfort and durability of the T6 seating experience.

Thirdly, there is a comprehensive upgrade of the adjustment functions. In addition to the original manual line control operation, the T6 also integrates voice control, mobile app control, touch screen control, etc., making operation intelligent and convenient. Especially voice control, users can simply call “Xiao Hao Xiao Hao” to wake up Sihoo’s self-developed AI butler, adjusting volume, switching music, adjusting lumbar pillows, etc., with voice commands.

In addition, the T6 is equipped with Sihoo’s original suspended technology, continuing the application of core innovative technologies such as floating wing lumbar support, suspended chair back, and shock-absorbing seat cushion, providing users with a comfortable sitting experience of “back support, long-term sitting without fatigue.”

From a rudimentary chair concept to the successful launch of Sihoo’s smart ergonomic chair today, it has been a journey of self-innovation, iteration, adaptation, and even leading the technological wave for Sihoo. It is precisely the stringent attention to product details and the bold pursuit of technological exploration that Sihoo turns seemingly unreachable concepts into possibilities through concrete experiments.

The T6 released today is the inaugural work of Sihoo’s smart series and also the best start of the intelligent era. In the future, Sihoo will continue to focus on user needs, using technological innovation as the engine, continuously creating products that exceed user expectations, and dedicated to ensuring that everyone enjoys a healthy and comfortable Sihoo ergonomic chair.

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