The offline experience store of SIHOO Shenzhen Royal Palace Square has opened, creating a modern shopping experience that combines browsing and exhibitions


SIHOO’s Shenzhen Imperial Court Square offline experience store officially opened on August 29th at G-10B of the Imperial Country Plaza in the Futian District of Shenzhen. This is SIHOO’s another direct-operated store in Shenzhen and an important step in achieving the plan of having thousands of stores in hundreds of cities. In the new store, consumers can experience the charm of ergonomic chairs up close and feel the convenience brought by technology.

The Palace Square Store is themed around a minimalist aesthetic, breaking through spatial limitations to create an integrated shopping and display experience. By building different scenes, the product experience becomes more intuitive. The new store’s interior design continues the minimalist style of Xi Hao, with a circular display as the visual focus and scenes such as an esports room and study set up to reproduce authentic life scenarios.

In terms of product displays, the new store is divided into a product exhibition area and an immersive experience area, showcasing SIHOO’s three major product series: Doro, Vito, and Smart, including popular products such as the Doro s300 and Doro C300. In addition, the new store also features a core component display area and a material display area, showcasing the details and R&D ingenuity of ergonomic chairs. Customers can gain a more comprehensive understanding of purchasing knowledge and skills through professional posture guidance services.

On the opening day of the new store, Xi Hao launched a series of promotional activities, including “discounted special purchases”, “0 yuan lucky draw”, and “discounted purchases with quantity-based discounts”. The event also included giveaways such as eye protection lamps, sleeping blankets, and latex pillows, attracting many customers to come and try and purchase products. The comfortable experience provided by Xi Hao gained high recognition from customers.

SIHOO has always believed that the “feeling of sitting” is more important than function and parameters when choosing an ergonomic chair. In recent years, SIHOO has been continuously promoting the layout of offline experience stores, providing users with more experiential choices, and helping users solve the problem of scientifically using chairs in different scenarios. Through the “Hundreds of Cities and Thousands of Stores Plan”, SIHOO has laid out multiple stores in core cities based on regions, and has currently opened 42 experiential stores in multiple cities across the country. Shenzhen Huating Square is located in the core area of Shenzhen CBD, attracting many professionals, and SIHOO’s product provides a comfortable and relaxing solution. The opening of this new store is gradually achieving the goal of the “Hundreds of Cities and Thousands of Stores Plan”.

In the future, SIHOO will continue to focus on product innovation and service upgrades, with offline experience stores as the core to comprehensively enhance user experience and satisfaction. We will continuously expand our coverage of offline physical stores throughout the country to provide professional posture guidance and purchase advice to users, enabling more users to truly enjoy a healthy and comfortable lifestyle of “supporting the waist and back, and sitting for a long time without fatigue”.

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