Sihoo’s Triumph on ‘Double 11’! Sets New Sales Record!


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November 16, 2023

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The curtain has finally fallen on the 2023 ‘Double 11’ event, and Sihoo continued its strong momentum from previous years, once again ranking first in sales on three major platforms: Douyin (ByteDance),, and Tmall. The online e-commerce platform sales for Sihoo surged by 31% year-on-year, while Douyin (ByteDance)’s sales skyrocketed by an impressive 345%, marking an exceptional conclusion.

On Douyin (ByteDance), Sihoo dominated multiple top-ranking lists, showcasing its formidable brand explosiveness. Specifically, within the computer chair subcategories and residential furniture merchant rankings, Sihoo secured TOP1 and maintained this position for an uninterrupted 90 days. Additionally, out of the TOP10 positions in the seating product list, Sihoo claimed 6 spots, demonstrating outstanding performance and solidifying its leading position among top-tier brands.

According to data from Intelligence and Tmall’s Business Monitor, Sihoo has secured the top spot in ‘Double 11’ sales for four consecutive years. On, Sihoo’s ergonomic chairs claimed TOP1 in the computer chair brand rankings and occupied 5 positions in the industry’s top-selling product rankings. On Tmall, Sihoo decisively secured TOP1 in multiple categories such as the computer chair store sales, hot-selling products, and positive reviews, creating a substantial gap from competitors.

Over the past two years, while the overall market’s consumer spending remained low due to the pandemic’s impact, the ergonomic chair market has shown a counter-trend growth trajectory. This market trend has attracted the involvement of leading companies like NetEase and JD. In the context of increasingly fierce competition, ‘Double 11’ not only became a critical point for major brands to capture traffic for marketing but also served as a crucial industry test. Amidst the smoke of battle, Sihoo emerged victoriously, presenting impressive ‘Double 11’ results, validating user recognition of Sihoo’s product value and robust technological capabilities.

However, success is not an overnight achievement. There are numerous brands that shine briefly but fade quickly. Only by mastering core technologies and persisting in innovation and iteration over a prolonged period can a brand avoid obsolescence by both time and users. Therefore, behind Sihoo’s impressive performance lies its continuous and substantial investment in technological research and development.

Ergonomic chairs have long been considered ‘foreign products,’ facing challenges such as a late start in industry technology, a lack of foundational scientific research, and a scarcity of scientific breakthroughs in seating support principles. As a leading enterprise in the ergonomic chair field, Sihoo has consistently led technological innovations and developments in the industry, focusing on meeting the core needs of users. In 2022, aiming at the most challenging and essential ‘heart’ technology in the ergonomic chair industry—the chassis—Sihoo assembled a substantial technical team and successfully developed the sixth-generation space chassis technology after three years. This chassis not only passed durability tests of 300,000 cycles but also incorporated functions like a 145° optimal reclining angle, synchronized seat-back adjustment, active spine support, and arbitrary-angle suspension. Notably, the Doro-S300, equipped with the sixth-generation space chassis, achieved three times the sales volume of the previous year during JD’s ‘Double 11’ and secured an impressive TOP2 position in Douyin (ByteDance)’s computer chair bestseller list.

Apart from chassis technology, Sihoo’s core technology fortress also includes the BM Dynamic Lumbar Tracking System. This technology utilizes the Body Move three-dimensional dynamic capture system, delving deep into the lattice lumbar tracking technology model derived from comprehensive research. This model simulates the microscopic changes in muscles and bones when users sit upright, lean back, or lean sideways, facilitating numerous technological breakthroughs in lumbar support development for Sihoo. Centering on the product value of ‘supporting the back, making prolonged sitting comfortable,’ Sihoo successively introduced several core technologies like the floating wing lumbar support, domino three-dimensional lumbar support system, and adaptive lumbar support, receiving widespread recognition and positive reviews from users. According to ‘Double 11’ e-commerce platform data, the Doro-C300, equipped with leading lumbar support technology, claimed the first position in the sales charts on Douyin (ByteDance), JD, and Tmall for single products.

Improving people’s quality of life through furniture innovation has been the brand mission of Sihoo since its inception. Leveraging groundbreaking technology and products, Sihoo has been at the forefront of the industry after years of accumulation. Its continuous strengthening of innovation capabilities and technological breakthroughs continues to drive high-quality growth in the ergonomic chair market.

Innovation serves as a potent engine for the healthy development of any industry. Sihoo’s outstanding performance on ‘Double 11’ is a powerful testament to its research strength. As a successful leader in the field of ergonomic chairs, Sihoo will continue to contribute growth momentum, guiding the entire industry towards technological innovation in the field of ergonomic chairs.

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