Sihoo Furniture has signed an agency cooperation agreement with TWU Company to jointly create a new chapter in the Philippine market


On July 27th, SIHOO, a leading Chinese ergonomic chair company, officially signed a distribution agreement with TWU FURNITURE CORPORATION from the Philippines, making TWU the exclusive distributor of the SIHOO brand in the Philippines. SIHOO’s Chairman, Luo Huiping, General Manager, Liu Shuai, and Overseas Office Chair Marketing Director, Chen Zhuo, along with TWU’s founders, Ms. Rose and Mr. Aldrich, attended the signing ceremony in Shenzhen, China.

At the signing ceremony, Chairman Luo Huiping warmly congratulated both parties on their cooperation and emphasized the importance of TWU’s development of the SIHOO brand in the Philippine market. He discussed the friendly neighborly relations with the Philippines, the huge Chinese population, and the rapidly growing market, believing that this brings enormous opportunities for cooperation between the two sides.

Chairman Luo Huiping also mentioned that TWU has a complete marketing ecosystem and strong local resources in the Philippine market, which will strongly support the promotion of the Seagull ergonomic chair in the market and further enhance Seagull’s influence in the Philippine market. He emphasized the importance of TWU’s promotion of Seagull’s brand development in the Philippine market and hoped that both sides could jointly meet the needs of the Philippine market and provide more high-quality and healthy chairs for Philippine consumers.

TWU representative Ms. Rose expressed that after visiting the Zhejiang Sunon Exhibition Hall and production base and understanding its new product R&D system and quality management system, she believes that Sunon is a brand that places great emphasis on product quality and design. She highly recognizes its technological innovation, comfort, and quality. She pointed out that Sunon ergonomic chairs have shown excellent ratings, repurchase rates, and recommendations, and Filipino consumers have a high degree of affection for them. Sunon’s latest Doro series products have left a deep impression on Filipino users since their launch on the Filipino market. Ms. Rose also said that according to feedback from end-customers in the market, Sunon’s Doro series products have become the ideal chairs in the hearts of Filipino consumers and are expected to become the leading products in the Philippine mid- to high-end ergonomic chair market in the future. This visit has enabled TWU to further understand Sunon’s strategic planning in R&D innovation, organizational management, and marketing, which has given TWU a clearer confidence in choosing to become Sunon’s exclusive agent in the country.

The Philippines is one of the rapidly-growing GDP countries in Southeast Asia, attracting global companies and experiencing significant economic growth. As a friendly neighbor on Chinese territory, the Philippines has a large population of Chinese descent. With the influence of the Chinese market, the demand for high-quality products and a healthy lifestyle continues to grow among Chinese consumers, making the initial promotion of SIHOO in this market smoother.

As a leading enterprise in the field of Chinese ergonomic chairs, SIHOO has rich experience and advanced technology. It is renowned for its excellent ergonomic design and high-quality products. SIHOO’s products are highly praised globally, providing Filipino and worldwide users with diverse product choices and comfortable, healthy seating experiences. Through cooperation with TWU, SIHOO will further consolidate its influence in the Philippine market and promote the booming development of the ergonomic chair industry in this market.

In the future, SIHOO smart furniture will further enhance its influence in overseas markets, constantly advancing the development of ergonomic chairs, providing global consumers with more comfortable and healthy products, and striving to improve the sitting posture health issues for all of humanity. Adhering to a user-centric approach and original design, SIHOO aims to be a brand with warmth.

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