Industry-leading! SIHOO DoroC300 passes the European chemical regulation REACH test


On November 16, 2022, the ergonomic chair DoroC300 by SIHOO Intelligent Furniture passed the EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) testing and European EN1335, and American BIFMA testing. The mechanical international testing standards and chemical composition testing standards of this product were evaluated by the international authoritative testing agency TÜVRheinlan. The Doro C300 ergonomic chair of SIHOO meets all standard requirements and complies with the EU chemical regulations, European EN1335 and American BIFMA standards. It successfully obtained the dual certification of EU mechanical testing standards and chemical composition testing standards in the domestic ergonomic chair industry, setting a new benchmark for Chinese ergonomic chair brands to enter the international high-end market.

“REACH testing” is currently the most important standard for chemical testing certification for imported and sold daily products in the European Union. This testing involves proposals for regulations on the production, trade, and safe use of chemicals, and has high rigorous standards and requirements for identifying harmful chemicals that are not harmful to humans or the environment. In terms of regulating the chemical composition of products, it covers 224 chemical component tests and requires a high level of attention to ensure that the Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) content in the product does not exceed 0.1% of the total weight of the item. In terms of enterprise regulation, it strictly requires enterprises to make the upstream supply chain system of goods and the material composition and data used in the product transparently public, and to continue to be monitored by regulatory organizations in the long term.

The mechanics testing standards for the West Hao Doro C300 have been certified by both the European EN1335 and the American BIFMA standards. Both standards include strength and durability testing of components such as the backrest, five-star base, armrests, and casters, with significantly higher levels of strictness than other similar standards. The full testing process for the West Hao Doro C300 was carried out by TÜVRheinlan, a globally recognized third-party testing institution with over 140 years of testing experience and technical quality monitoring capabilities, which has also undertaken numerous national authorization tasks.

Against the backdrop of the upgrading of consumption, China has become the center of global ergonomic chair manufacturing, relying on manufacturing advantages such as production and manufacturing capacity and cost advantages. However, doubts such as “domestic products are low-end”, “domestic ergonomic chairs are inferior to foreign ones”, and “lack of product safety” still exist. According to statistics from the EU REACH system notification cases, in the past five years, the number of notification cases related to the REACH regulations has remained high, with 70% coming from China, highlighting the serious industrial safety problems faced by China. To enable Chinese ergonomic chair products to enter the international high-end market, to confront the challenges of technological innovation, product innovation, market innovation, and product safety certification, has become the task for Chinese ergonomic chair companies.

Adopting dual standards for EU mechanical and chemical composition testing is not only to protect consumer rights and provide users with more standardized, high-security products, but also an important step in promoting the healthy development of the ergonomic chair industry. This time, SIHOO has passed the EU mechanical and chemical composition testing standards, indicating that SIHOO’s products have a higher quality standard, with advanced production capabilities, quality control, raw material sourcing, manufacturing environment, and supply chain management, placing SIHOO in a leading position in the industry.

All along, SIHOO has insisted on product innovation, research and development innovation, and green manufacturing to give the company vitality for development. With the continuous emergence of high-quality products, the supporting product testing and laboratory testing systems are also becoming more and more perfect. Currently, SIHOO has more than 100 research and development patents and has obtained national high-tech enterprise certification. It is worth mentioning that SIHOO’s smart furniture “Foshan Kezhimei Furniture Co., Ltd. Testing Center” has successfully obtained the national CNAS accreditation certificate, making it one of the few enterprises in the ergonomic chair industry with its own testing laboratory.

In recent years, SIHOO Intelligent Furniture has accelerated its diversified layout with technological innovation as its support, and now it has become a diversified, technological and innovative R&D and manufacturing enterprise with a certain scale. The establishment of product systematic testing and laboratory system is not only a quality assurance for “SIHOO products”, but also the foundation for SIHOO to master the R&D discourse of Chinese ergonomic chairs.

In the future, SIHOO will continue to rely on innovation and product strength to create a first-class ergonomic chair brand, providing more systematic testing and rich services for the innovation and development of high-quality products.

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