The 2023 German National Design Award winners have been announced, with the sihoo Doro S300 winning the top prize.


In recent years, with the rise of domestic products, more and more Chinese brands have been occupying the domestic market share and expanding into the international market based on advanced manufacturing and mature industrial matrix, with science and technology empowering quality and innovation driving design. Recently, Doro-S300, a ergonomic chair brand under SIHOO, won the 2023 German National Design Award Special Commendation Award for its aesthetically pleasing exterior design and user-friendly product experience. This award not only recognizes SIHOO’s product design level, but also affirms SIHOO’s long-term adherence to innovation.

The German Design Award is a leading award in the contemporary design industry and has a strong global competitiveness and influence. It is awarded to groundbreaking designs in Germany and worldwide, and is an important award that drives the direction of design. The fact that the Doro-S300 by Xihao has won this award proves that the design of domestically produced ergonomic chairs is making a leap from 0 to 1, from existence to excellence!

Doro-S300 is able to stand out among many products and remain closely related to Xihao’s user-centered approach and constant self-innovation. In the development of ergonomic chairs in China, market potential is fundamental. In modern work environments, prolonged sitting has become a daily routine, and ergonomic chairs have become a necessity. However, due to various conditions, there are few domestic brands of mid-high end ergonomic chairs in the market, and even high-priced ergonomic chairs costing thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan may not be comfortable.

The reason behind this is that many international brands design their ergonomic chairs without taking into consideration the body size and working conditions of Asian people. In order to produce truly ergonomic chairs that are suitable for the Chinese population, Xihao has increased its research investment, strengthened its R&D team, and sought innovative materials, finally launching the revolutionary Doro-S300.

Getting closer to the needs and making most people sit comfortably.

During the initial development phase, Xihao received feedback from many consumers that conventional ergonomic chairs often have problems with the lumbar support not being in the right place when reclining, the front of the seat cushion pressing against their legs, and women finding it more difficult to recline.

After analyzing the shortcomings of traditional chair bases, Xihao innovatively introduced the space-base with unrestricted reclining in the design of the Doro-S300. The space-base uses a push-pull seat-back linkage, where the front of the seat cushion slides forward during reclining while the rear of the seat cushion sinks, effectively supporting the lumbar region without compressing the thighs, allowing the feet to comfortably touch the ground and the whole body to relax.

In order to enable women and slim individuals to also enjoy the smooth reclining movement, the Doro-S300 innovatively uses a special aviation-grade fiberglass elastic sheet during development, which provides a more balanced and stable reclining force transfer, faster response time, and less resistance when reclining, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

Breaking through design and providing comprehensive back support

The lower back pain caused by prolonged sitting is an issue that ergonomic chair users urgently want to alleviate. In order to provide better back support, the Doro-S300 uses a 90°-105° rotating floating wing lumbar support, where two floating wings conform to various postures in different usage scenarios and provide stable support for the lumbar region.

During product development, Xihao found that the comfortable experience of the chair back largely depends on the support of the lumbar and back regions. While the lumbar position is relatively fixed for individuals of different heights, the shoulder and back regions show greater differences. Therefore, to create a comfortable ergonomic chair, one needs to not only consider the lumbar support but also focus on the chair back design. Consequently, the Doro-S300 eliminates the traditional chair back design and innovatively introduces a suspended chair back which perfectly fits consumers with different body shapes and usage habits, providing a golden point for back support. With the help of the floating wing lumbar support and the adjustable chair back, the Doro-S300 provides effective and comfortable support, becoming an “office companion” for prolonged sitting and making office work easier.

It is precisely because Xihao always regards the consumers’ needs as a design reference source and continuously explores new ideas in ergonomic design that the Doro-S300 won international awards after its release and gained recognition from peers and consumers alike. According to public data, Xihao’s ergonomic chairs have been the best-selling computer chair category on e-commerce platforms for three consecutive years and exported to over 100 countries and regions. We believe Xihao will definitely have more noteworthy performances in the future, bringing more innovative “seats” to consumers.

With the help of technology, SIHOO breaks through boundaries by adopting aerospace fiberglass materials and creating a space chassis! Red Dot Award: The Xihao ergonomic chair once again won the Red Dot Product Design Award, and the Doro-E300 also made the list
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