Sihoo cooperated with Sam’s, launching nationwide hot new customized ergonomic chair products.


Lately, Sihoo has made a powerful entry into Sam’s stores nationwide, collaborating with Sam to introduce customized ergonomic chairs. Leveraging multiple product technologies, they are tapping into new offline markets, encouraging Sam’s members to embrace a healthier lifestyle. This move signifies another significant step for Sihoo in deepening its presence in offline retail channels.

“Sihoo partners with Sam to introduce new products, creating a new level of comfort for healthy work.”

The jointly customized ergonomic chair by Sihoo and Sam integrates Sihoo’s proactive adaptive technology, highlighting adjustability as the product’s key feature. This feature assists users in finding comfortable sitting positions during prolonged periods, fostering healthy habits.

Addressing the strain on the lumbar and cervical spine due to prolonged sitting, this chair includes segmented, independently adaptable dynamic lumbar support, providing users with precisely calibrated comfortable lumbar support. Additionally, the backrest, equipped with a 3-level height adjustment function, offers precise lumbar pillow adjustment for users of different heights. Moreover, the dual-joint adjustable headrest with multi-angle rotation allows users to experience various postures and angles. Furthermore, the chair’s 3D armrests offer 5-level height adjustment, forward/backward movement, and lateral sliding, providing comprehensive support for users, whether they are working, gaming, or taking a break.

“Entering Sam’s member stores, Sihoo integrates sales in the ‘whole ecosystem.’”

Sam’s member stores, subsidiaries of the Fortune 500 company Walmart, boast over 800 stores globally. Sam’s rigorous procurement standards and quality control systems demand continuous quality monitoring for all products, ensuring quality from the source to the shelf. Therefore, it has been synonymous with pursuing a quality lifestyle. This cross-industry collaboration reveals the alignment between Sam’s philosophy of a “high-quality member lifestyle” and Sihoo’s pursuit of a user-centric approach, both aiming to provide users with elevated experiences.

“In recent years, Sihoo has continuously evolved in the ergonomic chair field…”

Sihoo has continuously innovated and technologically advanced in the ergonomic chair domain, holding over 130 product design patents. From material optimization to technological breakthroughs and seating comfort enhancements, it has built a high-end, self-developed brand fortress. Particularly, its self-developed sixth-generation space chassis broke the long-held dominance of foreign brands in the high-end market, gaining recognition inside and outside the industry.

“In the trend of brand online and offline integration and experiential consumerism, Sihoo integrates sales in the ‘whole ecosystem.’”

Sihoo aims for comprehensive sales integration, exploding sales on Tmall and while boosting brand visibility on platforms like Bilibili and Xiaohongshu. Simultaneously, it’s intensifying efforts in offline channel construction, innovating in technology, products, channels, and business models to enhance overall customer interaction and engagement offline.

“This collaboration greatly enriches Sam’s member supermarket’s product pool in this field, meeting consumers’ diverse shopping needs.”

For Sam, this collaboration enriches its member supermarket’s product offerings, catering to more consumer needs. For Sihoo, offline sales aren’t merely an extension of the product market but a critical element in brand image construction and consumer trust building. Leveraging Sam’s platform recognition, vast member base, and stringent product evaluation, consumers can tangibly experience the advanced technology of ergonomic chairs and their positive impact on life and health, reinforcing Sihoo’s brand value proposition of ‘supporting the back, making prolonged sitting comfortable.’

“In a fiercely competitive market, offline economics offer real product experiences and face-to-face services, fostering deeper user relationships and expanding brand momentum.”

As of October 2023, Sihoo has established 41 offline experience stores nationwide, providing users with firsthand chair trial experiences, enabling them to choose seats that suit them. Looking ahead, the hope is for Sihoo to collaborate with more partners worldwide, offering consumers cost-effective and high-quality seating experiences while continually leading the ergonomic industry’s evolution and transformation.

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