SIHOO brought its Doro series products to exhibit at the Expo Guadalajara Furniture Fair in Mexico


On August 16, 2023, at the 35th Mexico Expo Guadalajara Furniture Fair held in Guadalajara, Mexico, the Chinese ergonomic chair leader, Sihao, brought a range of innovative products including Doro S300 and C300, and received enthusiastic response. As one of the largest and most representative exhibitions in Central America, Mexico Expo Guadalajara Furniture Fair attracts outstanding furniture brands and buyers from all over Mexico and Central America.

As a global smart furniture brand, SIHOO focuses on ergonomic chair technology innovation and adheres to the mission of “providing people’s quality of life with furniture innovation”. With user needs as the starting point, SIHOO is committed to providing high-quality and healthy living experiences for people. After years of accumulation and development, SIHOO has obtained more than 130 patented R&D technologies and achieved the top sales on and Tmall for three consecutive years.

At the Expo Guadalajara Furniture Exhibition in Mexico, Doro S300 and C300 were presented as Westhoff’s latest and most innovative products, showcasing the company’s strength in technological innovation. With Westhoff’s suspension technology, the Doro S300 provides users with a floating sitting experience, allowing users of different heights and weights to effortlessly lean back and stand up with ease. The Doro C300, on the other hand, features the Dominus three-dimensional lumbar support system, providing users with comprehensive sitting support and comfort. This lumbar support system is linked to the seat cushion and chair back, and regardless of whether the user is sitting upright or reclining, the lumbar support produces a chain reaction like dominoes, solving the problem of suspended lumbar support. With the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and innovative ergonomic design, several of Westhoff’s products have been widely favored by on-site audiences.

As globalization progresses, companies are increasingly emphasizing international business strategies. Mexico, as one of the most significant economies in Latin America, has enormous market potential. As an international brand that exports products to more than 100 countries and regions, Westinghouse’s participation in the Expo Guadalajara furniture exhibition in Mexico is an important step in accelerating the layout of the high-end ergonomic furniture market in Mexico and Central America. By showcasing the innovative technology of Chinese ergonomic chairs to furniture partners around the world, it will also further enhance Westinghouse’s brand awareness and lay a solid foundation for its entry into the Mexican market.

In addition, SIHOO also had important meetings with domestic dealers and partners in major cities such as Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Monterrey in Mexico, where they jointly discussed the demands of the Mexican market and showcased the latest technological achievements and solutions. Through this deep cooperation, SIHOO successfully entered the Mexican market, providing important support for further penetration into surrounding Spanish-speaking countries and expanding the international market.

SIHOO’s participation and cooperative exchange at the exhibition in Mexico has garnered widespread attention, showcasing the strength and influence of Chinese ergonomic chairs to a global audience and further solidifying SIHOO’s position as a leading brand in the industry. In the future, SIHOO will continue to focus on technological innovation and innovative design, providing users with even more comfortable and healthy ergonomic chair products.

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