Shenzhen KKmall Jingji Binna Store grandly opened in SIHOO, marking another step forward in the “thousand stores in a hundred cities” strategy


Recently, SIHOO Shenzhen KKmall Jingji Ban’er offline direct experience store officially opened, which is another direct sales store officially operated by Xi Hao in Shenzhen, and another step towards SIHOO splan of “a thousand stores in a hundred cities.” At the scene, consumers can enjoy the charm of ergonomic chairs up close and experience the convenience that technology brings to life.

The SIHOO Shenzhen KKmall Jing base banner store combines Chinese aesthetics with modern minimalist style and presents a symmetrical Chinese layout inspired by traditional Chinese architecture. The store follows the consistent spatial layout of “experience first,” with bright and transparent lighting, modern design elements of red and white alternating, futuristic geometric ray decoration. There is a dedicated game experience area and calligraphy experience area set up in the store. With the real-life scenario of user seat experience, 1:1 restoration of user’s daily use scenes provides customers with a real experience.

The display area of the store showcases the Doro, Vito, and Smart series, including many popular star products such as SIHOO Doro C300 and Doro S300. Doro C300 and Doro S300, two products launched in 2022 by SIHOO, have since been well-loved by users and have drawn many crowds to stop by and try out the comfortable experience of sitting. Some customers said they felt supported as soon as they sat down, and it was genuinely comfortable and ergonomic for long sitting periods.

SIHOO has always believed that the best way to determine whether a chair truly meets the user’s needs is through direct communication and feedback from the user. Only by experiencing the difference in the sitting experience between SIHOO ergonomic chairs and regular chairs can one truly understand SIHOO’s core value of “supporting the back and waist, and avoiding fatigue from prolonged sitting”.

In recent years, SIHOO has been constantly expanding its offline experience stores, with a total of 41 physical stores now. SIHOO has been striving to build a diversified market for ergonomic chairs, providing users with more options for experience while also helping them solve problems related to how to scientifically use chairs in different situations, thus building closer relationships with users.

On the other hand, user feedback and data collected from users who have experienced SIHOO chairs are used to guide SIHOO’s product development, continuously improving product innovation and ultimately forming an optimization design guided by actual customer usage needs, gradually moving towards the goal of “everyone being able to enjoy SIHOO ergonomic chairs”.

In the future, SIHOO will continue to leverage its strengths, focus on products and services, and use offline experience stores as the core to comprehensively enhance the user experience, expand the business scope of physical stores nationwide, better occupy the market, and enable users to truly enjoy a healthy and comfortable life with “supporting the back and waist, and avoiding fatigue from prolonged sitting”.

Red Dot Award: The Xihao ergonomic chair once again won the Red Dot Product Design Award, and the Doro-E300 also made the list Industry-leading! SIHOO DoroC300 passes the European chemical regulation REACH test
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