Red Dot Award: The Xihao ergonomic chair once again won the Red Dot Product Design Award, and the Doro-E300 also made the list


Recently, the Red Dot China Design Award 2022 ceremony officially opened during the Guangzhou Design Week. As one of China’s most influential product design awards, the Red Dot China Design Award focuses on improving the quality of human life, driving industrial upgrading through design, and practicing the value of “design for people’s livelihoods”, which has far-reaching impacts in various industries. The best-selling ergonomic chair, Xihao Doro-E300, won this year’s Product Design Award with its innovative design concepts and excellent product experience. It is reported that this is the second time that Xihao ergonomic chair has won this award, once again proving its strong product innovation capabilities.

Winning the Red Dot Design Award, innovative strength is highly recognized

The “Red Dot Design Award” is jointly organized by the China Industrial Design Association and the Guangzhou International Design Week. It is the only annual international design event in China that has obtained the joint certification of the three international authoritative design organizations – International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA), and International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI), and is promoted globally.

Over the years, the influence of the Red Dot Design Award not only reflects the annual inventory of outstanding designs but also introduces many forward-looking design concepts and intelligent lifestyles into the consumer market. It is also an important platform for “Made in China” to move towards “Created in China”. This year’s “Red Dot Design Award” attracted 5,873 entries from all over the country. Xihao Doro-E300 was able to stand out and win the award, highlighting Xihao’s unique competitive advantages in innovation, design, and experience, and is also a high recognition of its brand.

Cutting-edge and comfortable design, comprehensive reform of product performance

As a professional ergonomic furniture brand, Xihao has been committed to providing furniture with ergonomic design concepts for various usage scenarios of global users since its establishment in 2011, including the popular Doro series ergonomic chairs in recent years. Xihao Doro-E300, which won the award this time, was created by a post-95 designer and inspired by the appearance of the popular ET aliens in our childhood. By incorporating alien inspiration into the chair, Doro-E300 has an overall cutting-edge and comfortable visual appeal.

The Doro-E300 from Xihao incorporates a range of innovative technologies from Doro’s high-end ergonomic chair series, including advanced industry technologies such as 6D ergonomic joint armrests, a Smart gravity-sensing chassis, and a uniformly pressured seat cushion. In addition, it features differentiated functions such as an adaptive lumbar support with separate backrest, an aluminum main body frame, and a dual-joint headrest. With its 6D ergonomic joint armrests, for example, this armrest design redefines the shape of armrests by incorporating ergonomic joint armrest design, significantly improving flexibility and allowing users to adjust to support their arms in different environments. It is as if there is a third hand available, fully considering arm support scenarios for computer use, tablets, games, and other reading, while combining with ET alien style to create an overall sense of futuristic technology.

Behind the honors is the insistence on technological innovation.

It is precisely because Xihao constantly explores new human ergonomic design ideas and always adheres to technical and product innovation that their ergonomic furniture has won many awards in the design industry. For many years, Xihao has centered on user needs, always paying attention to consumers’ new needs, solving what users need and want, continuously breaking through in research and development, products, and experience, constantly improving market competitiveness, gradually occupying the top spot in online sales revenue for domestic ergonomic chairs, and embarking on the path of globalisation.

Public data shows that Xihao’s ergonomic chairs have achieved the number one sales revenue in the computer chair category on all platforms for three consecutive years on Double Eleven and June 18th, with more than 10 million users having used Xihao’s ergonomic seats, leading the market share in the industry. Currently, Xihao’s ergonomic chairs have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, making it the leading brand in ergonomic furniture.

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