Ergonomic Office Chair

The M57C takes ergonomic to another level as the “hexagonal God of war.” It not only passed the BIFMA test but also boasts five original patented designs.
The M57C features several upgrades, including a double-joint flexible headrest, a 4-position adjustable integrated backrest, height and horizontally adjustable lumbar support with high polymer elastomer, 4D linkage armrests, an Auto-balance mechanism with a 3-position lock, and a generous 130° tilt-back angle. It’s tailored for individuals who spend extended hours at their desk or computer, providing essential support and pressure relief, shines in home offices, elite teams, meetings, gaming setups, and various other scenarios.

Headrest : Double-Joint Flexible Headrest
Lumbar Support: Height & Horizontal Adjustable Lumbar Support
Backrest: Four-Position Adjustable Integrated Backrest
Armrest: 4D Linkage Armrests
Cushion: Breathable Mesh Seat Cushion
Mechanism: Auto-blance mechanism with 3-position lock
Chair Base
High strength steel base
High strength aluminum alloy base
With Footrest
Without Footrest
Black Frame-Black Mesh
Grey Frame-Grey Mesh
Fabric: PE+polyester mesh
Back Frame: PP+fiber
Armrest:PU armrest surface

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Double-Joint Flexible Headrest

The headrest on the chair features double-joint flexibility, offering not only height adjustment but also two additional adjustment nodes. These nodes provide three-section adjustment, with each node allowing for a range of movement of up to 22°. This design ensures continuous support for your shoulders and head, promoting comfort.


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