Ergonomic Office Chair

SIHOO’s M102 stands out as the most cost-effective double-back ergonomic chair available, valued for its comfort and affordability.
It boasts two main features that resonate with consumers: an enlarged and thickened seat cushion, providing ample comfort, and 3D flippable armrests that allow for relaxation and convenient storage. This chair is versatile and finds applications in work, leisure, and study scenarios.

Headrest : Height and angle adjustable headrest
Lumbar Support: Adjustable lumbar support
Armrest: 3D armrest
Cushion: Thickened raw cut cotton cushion


Fabric: Polyester mesh
Back Frame: PP

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Enjoy adjustable headrest height and angle for comfortable cervical spine support. The wide headrest flexibly rotates up and down, conforming to your cervical vertebrae and relieving pressure.


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