Top in Sales! Partnering with Focus, Sihoo’s ergonomic chairs unlock the secrets to traffic.


“In 2023, Sihoo and multiple brands leverage Focus Media to achieve mutual success.”

  “Sihoo partners with Focus Media to drive sales growth in the era of saturation.”

  “As we step into 2023, the market enters a phase of saturation, where a complex market landscape compels consumers to place greater emphasis on brand effects. To expand brand influence, numerous brands have joined hands with the leading domestic elevator media giant, Focus Media, to further amplify their brand awareness. Among them, leading the pack is Sihoo in the ergonomic chair industry, collaborating with Focus Media to occupy the public’s mindset through comprehensive promotion. This has resulted in sustained sales growth, deeply embedding domestically produced ergonomic chairs into the consumer’s view, paving the way for a broader global market, and continuing Sihoo’s marketing miracles.”

  “Multiple brands establish cooperative relationships with Focus Media, garnering all-round attention.”

  “Since its inception in 2003, Focus Media has been a pioneer in elevator media innovation. After years of development, it has left a high-frequency imprint in elevator spaces in major cities worldwide, bringing impactful reach to numerous brands.”

  “In a fiercely competitive and ever-changing commercial environment, more and more brands are keeping pace, choosing to collaborate with elevator media to revamp their marketing strategies. Consequently, partnering with the industry leader, Focus Media, becomes a vital means for brands to strengthen their core competitiveness, attract target audiences, and thereby convert purchasing power.”

  “For instance, Sihoo, by deepening its brand positioning in ergonomic chairs, successfully launched brand TVCs in various hot cities nationwide through Focus Media’s multi-dimensional, all-encompassing, immersive promotional advantages. This expanded the scope of advertising to core locations where communities, offices, and other population clusters converge, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, and several other first-tier cities. By efficiently reaching consumers and sustaining prolonged publicity, it achieved extensive coverage among mainstream urban populations, enhancing brand visibility. This allowed Sihoo’s slogan ‘supporting the back, making prolonged sitting comfortable’ and its advocated healthy sitting posture concept to deeply resonate with people. Simultaneously, during the 618 shopping festival, Sihoo’s Doro-C300 claimed the top spot on Tmall’s Top 1 Bestselling list.”

  “Worth noting is that Focus Media’s successful marketing cases extend beyond this. Apart from Sihoo, several other renowned domestic brands have reinforced their core competitiveness by collaborating with Focus Media. For instance, Skyworth’s wallpaper TV collaborated with Focus Media to sweep through major buildings, leading a new trend in high-end home appliances, perfectly showcasing their product’s characteristics — ‘seamlessly wall-mounted, as thin as a painting,’ catering to various home decor styles. Similarly, during the back-to-school season, BOLON glasses partnered with Focus Media to promote objective and effective myopia prevention for children and adolescents using their multi-point defocusing control lenses — BOLON’s ‘Little Star Student.’ This mode of promotion, visible everywhere, provided more choices for eye protection among young people.”

  “Sihoo’s two collaborations with Focus Media ignite over 300 million mainstream audiences.”

  “After achieving encouraging results from the first collaboration with Focus Media, Sihoo deeply recognized the value of cooperative marketing. Therefore, in August, Sihoo once again joined hands with Focus Media, imprinting the core concept of ‘supporting the back, making prolonged sitting comfortable’ in more people’s minds, sparking over 300 million traffic.”

  “With Focus Media’s high-frequency touchpoints, users’ understanding of Sihoo deepened, and the brand’s influence continued to expand. As a leading brand in China’s ergonomic chair industry, Sihoo has actively embraced change, striving to lead the development of ergonomic chairs. Since its inception, Sihoo assembled a hundred-person R&D team, leading product innovation and development at Sihoo Ergonomics Research Institute. Leveraging comprehensive qualifications and profound technical capabilities, it has participated in drafting multiple national, industry, and group standards, holding over 130 product design patents and consecutively topping the network’s sales charts for three years.”

  “Benefiting from two collaborations with Focus Media, Sihoo has achieved higher advertising effectiveness and greater market influence by technologically empowering its products and conducting more targeted marketing activities. This integration has allowed the core value of ‘supporting the back, making prolonged sitting comfortable’ and ergonomic chair products to further penetrate consumers’ lives, translating favorable sentiments into purchasing power and expanding the brand’s market share.”

  “Overall, in an era of saturation, Sihoo has explored a new path for brand momentum growth. Through successful cases from Sihoo and other brands, it vividly showcases the infinite brand growth potential brought about by advertising marketing. This experience not only profoundly impacts Sihoo itself but also provides valuable insights for other brands to explore and realize broader market growth space. As the market continues to evolve, we look forward to witnessing more brands pioneering new marketing methods, collectively creating new marketing legends.”

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