Sihoo Makes a Dazzling Appearance at the Entrepreneurial DEMO WORLD Event, Leading the Innovation Trend in the Ergonomic Chair Industry


  “Sihoo Makes a Dazzling Appearance at the Entrepreneurial DEMO WORLD Event, Leading the Innovation Trend in the Ergonomic Chair Industry”

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  September 6, 2023

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  On August 23, 2023, the Entrepreneurial DEMO WORLD global open innovation conference concluded in Songjiang, Shanghai. As a specially invited exhibitor, Sihoo showcased its two groundbreaking products, the Doro S300 and C300 ergonomic chairs, and garnered unanimous recognition from numerous corporate executives and attendees through on-site trial seating experiences.

  As the leading Chinese enterprise in ergonomic chairs, Sihoo has consistently focused on mid-to-long-term generic and forward-looking technological research. Leveraging excellent R&D capabilities and an industry-leading position, Sihoo propels technological and product innovation in the field of ergonomic chairs. Sihoo adheres to a core product philosophy centered around user needs, aiming to provide high-quality and comfortable ergonomic chairs for users worldwide.

  At the Entrepreneurial DEMO WORLD conference, Sihoo’s Doro S300 and C300 attracted the attention of numerous executive-level audience members. These products showcased exceptional comfort and outstanding support through innovative technology and unique designs during the trial seating experience. Particularly, the Doro S300, with its unique suspension technology, delivered a floating seating experience, showcasing Sihoo’s strength in technological innovation.

  Compared to traditional ergonomic chairs, both the design and functionality of Doro S300 and C300 represent significant breakthroughs. The Doro S300, supported by its space chassis, floating wing lumbar support, suspended chair back, lightweight mesh, and shock-absorbing seat cushion, offered users an unparalleled floating seating experience. Many users expressed surprise and admiration, garnering significant audience appreciation. The Doro C300, equipped with Sihoo’s self-developed domino three-dimensional lumbar support system, responds with force and position similar to a series of dominoes, whether the user sits upright or leans back. The creation of these two products has driven technological innovation in the field of ergonomic chairs, establishing a benchmark for product design.

  Sihoo has continuously endeavored to provide high-quality, comfortable ergonomic chairs, meeting users’ demands for a healthy office environment. To achieve this, Sihoo not only achieved breakthroughs in technological innovation but also invested significantly in enhancing user experience. By collaborating with the Shenzhen Human Ergonomics Application Association, Sihoo developed China’s own posture database, guiding design and development. It categorized and summarized 410 core evaluation items, first proposing nine major standards for measuring ergonomic seating and using these as a benchmark to create excellent ergonomic chairs. Simultaneously, it introduced a quantifiable evaluation standard—the 631 evaluation system—comprehensively assessing product comfort through instrument measurement, questionnaire surveys, and experimental observations, achieving a comprehensive upgrade in quality standards. Through this evaluation system, users can clearly assess the comfort level of a chair and choose one that suits them best.

  Participating in the Entrepreneurial DEMO WORLD conference was not just an opportunity for Sihoo to promote its brand but also a platform to exchange and collaborate with other innovative enterprises. Sihoo, with its outstanding technological research and development strength and innovative product quality, has gained industry recognition and user trust. They are leading the development of the ergonomic chair industry through innovative technology and unique designs, becoming the leader and benchmark in China’s ergonomic chair field. Sihoo’s responsible personnel stated that the company would continue to delve deeper into technological research and product innovation, driving China’s ergonomic chair industry towards a global leading position. In the future, Sihoo will remain user-centric, continuously providing comfortable and healthy ergonomic chair products, creating a more efficient and comfortable office environment for users.

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