Sitting Sense Technology

Sitting technology focuses on enhancing comfort and well-being through innovative solutions. By utilizing advanced technology, we customize ergonomic chairs to reduce discomfort and fatigue associated with prolonged sitting, ultimately boosting work and study efficiency. Our core technologies, such as the BM Dynamic Waist Tracking System, Nin1 Bionic Armrest, Smart Control Hub, and Zero-Pressure Seating Sensation, have been successfully integrated into all our products, driven by extensive data on human body characteristics, movement patterns, and sitting postures.

BM dynamic waist tracking system

Utilizing the Body Move 3D dynamic capture system and the repeatedly studied dot-matrix waist tracking technology model, we simulated the minute movements of muscles and bones as users sat, reclined, and shifted positions. This led to several significant technical advancements for Sihoo in the development of lumbar support pillows.

Floating wing lumbar support

Sihoo’s variable direction floating wing lumbar support offers various experience modes, ranging from 90° to 105° lumbar support. It combines four springs for adaptive dynamic support, providing a comfortable sensation akin to a skilled masseur offering lumbar support. The adjustable 90°-105° variable lumbar support allows for personalized and comfortable support angles.

Domino lumbar support system

We’ve integrated three adjustable variables—horizontal, vertical, and depth—into a lumbar pillow. This innovative design creates a seamless lumbar support system that synchronizes with the chair’s seat cushion, backrest, and body. Whether you’re sitting upright or reclining, the lumbar support system dynamically adapts its strength and position to provide optimal support, ensuring your comfort and well-being.

Adaptive lumbar support

Our lumbar support system is designed to provide customized support for your lower back, facilitating the correct alignment of the sacrum and promoting ergonomic sitting postures. Whether you’re leaning forward while working or reclining for a nap, it seamlessly adapts to deliver the ideal comfort and support to your lower back.

Lean forward with lumbar support and lean back without leaving your waist for immersive enjoyment

The back is supported when sitting upright, fits the body, and the lumbar is not suspended

Lie back easily, lean back at a large angle makes you fully release

Nin1 bionic handrail

Sihoo’s R&D team closely observed how users interacted with ergonomic chairs in different situations. Leveraging Nin1 hand support technology, which was developed based on hand movement data, they innovatively incorporated it into the design of our armrests, marking a pioneering advancement in armrest design.

6D bionic joint armrest

Our 6D bionic joint armrest offers the freedom and flexibility of a human arm. It can be adjusted in six dimensions: up and down, front and back, inward and outward, rotation, elevation, and synchronized tilting. This adaptability ensures it accommodates your work preferences seamlessly, making it suitable for daily office tasks, gaming, and even short breaks.

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Smart control hub

The Smart Control Hub is a cutting-edge technology developed by Sihoo that combines principles from material mechanics, structural engineering, and motion trajectory studies. This innovative approach has led to the creation of a range of seat chassis, significantly elevating the level of force feedback and overall user experience.

Space chassis

Sihoo employs aviation carbon fiber reeds, a departure from the traditional spring-based linear force feedback. This design offers users a unique balance between support strength and self-weight. When leaning on it, the body feels lighter, and when reclining, gravity seems to vanish, making getting up effortless.

Gravity Sensing Chassis

The backrest automatically adapts its tension based on the user’s weight and features a one-button control with multiple adjustment modes. It aligns with user habits, offering intuitive adjustments within seconds of use.

Zero-pressure sitting sensation

Sihoo employed the world’s most advanced pressure conduction device to aid in research. It meticulously analyzed stress concentration points in the buttocks and thighs during sitting, using a 3D coordinate system to create the Zero Hip Pressure System. This approach led to the development of a more scientifically designed cushion model.

Shock-absorbing seat cushion

The four-spring cushioning system, inspired by modern automobile technology, offers a unique experience similar to decelerating and landing on a trampoline when you sit down. As you move in the chair, the seat cushion actively reduces pressure, providing a remarkably relaxing sensation.

Light cloud mesh cloth

Utilizing Italian velvet material, DuPont elastomer, and employing various specialized weaving techniques, our chairs offer an exceptional combination of elasticity, tensile strength, and durability. The sitting experience rivals that of a spring sofa.

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