Sitting Sensation Research

We have been thinking, what kind of chair is a good chair? How to evaluate a chair more scientifically and effectively? To this end, we have collaborated with associations and industry experts to establish the Xihao Ergonomics Research Institute, Laboratory Testing Center, and R&D Center dedicated to developing new sitting sensation technologies. Through research and testing on the interaction between human sitting capacity and seats, as well as their impact on human perception, we evaluate and improve the comfort, support, and ergonomic performance of seats using scientific methods and objective indicators to guide seat design, improvement, and optimization, and provide better sitting experience and health protection.

Sihoo Ergonomic Research Institute

Sihoo established an Ergonomic Technology Research and Development Center in 2012 to lead the innovative research and development of the company's products. In 2016, the Ergonomic Innovation Application Base under Sihoo R&D Center was established, and during the same period, the Ergonomic Testing Center was completed, marking the formal establishment of Sihoo's mature R&D system that integrates design, production, simulation testing, and improvement. In order to fully integrate the company's advantageous resources, Sihoo joined forces with the Shenzhen Association for the Application of Ergonomics (SAEA) to establish the Sihoo Engineering Research Institute in 2019. The Sihoo Institute of Engineering is fully leading the research and development of Sihoo's academic research products, technological applications, talent cultivation, and other work, aiming to build a "leading domestic and internationally renowned" enterprise demonstration research institution based on ergonomic research. Internally serving Sihoo, promoting enterprise technological innovation and product upgrading, and building Sihoo's industry benchmark image; Facing the industry and society externally, we will work together with the Shenzhen Ergonomics Application Association to integrate domestic and foreign advantageous resources, and jointly promote the application and development of engineering furniture.

Sitting Research

How to define a good seat? Experts from Sihoo Research Institute believe that one should start by understanding sitting posture. With the continuous progress of technology, various new devices are applied to people's daily work and life, and sitting posture will also change correspondingly with the changes in equipment and working methods.

Sitting Posture And Seats

Sitting posture is a natural posture of the human body. It can relieve muscle fatigue, reduce energy consumption in the human body, and also help operators adopt more stable postures to perform various delicate and fine motor tasks. However, long-term poor sitting posture can also have many disadvantages to human health, such as lumbar muscle strain, spinal lesions, poor blood circulation, etc. Therefore, a good seat design should not only comprehensively consider the static and dynamic dimensions of the human body, but also provide good support and guidance for users in different sitting positions.
  • 1Reasonably distribute the gravity of the seated person, allowing the muscles to relax

  • The thighs are approximately horizontal, and the feet naturally land on the ground

  • Multi dimensional support for the body, ensuring good work stability

  • Easy to change posture

Unique SPM Seat R&D Feedback System

Assisting research and development design with scientific evaluation, defining seats well

Achievement Display

Standardize industry standards

Organize participation in ergonomic industry seminars, participate in drafting national office chair esports chair standards, and develop national and industry standards such as 2021 "Ergonomic requirements for healthy home furnishings: office desks and chairs/children's desks and chairs" and "esports chair group standards".

Promote industry technology

Collaborative SAEA establishes an experimental base for "innovation in ergonomic application technology"

Studying sedentary behavior

Jointly with the Shenzhen Association of Applied Ergonomics (SAEA), the first white paper on sedentary behavior in the Chinese workplace has been released. SAEA advocates for businesses and society to jointly pay attention to and attach importance to the health hazards of prolonged sitting in the workplace

Award Display

Zhiren Award

2018 Best Innovative Design Award in Ergonomics

2018 Ergonomic Excellence Service Award

2018 Outstanding Contribution Award in the Ergonomics Industry

Laboratory Testing Center

Sihoo Smart Beauty Testing Center was established in 2014 and is a comprehensive testing platform for office seat products under Sihoo Smart Furniture. The testing center has an experimental testing space of over 1000 square meters, with 6 functional areas and more than 60 advanced testing equipment at home and abroad. It simulates various mechanical usage scenarios and can provide full chain testing services from product raw materials to product structure, product performance, and product packaging. Such as comprehensive mechanical testing, product packaging testing, salt spray testing, etc. The testing report issued within the scope of recognized capabilities by the testing center is applicable to more than 100 countries and regions.

Test Machine Display

Five star foot static pressure testing machine

Seat surface impact testing machine

Chair Five Star Foot Pressure Testing Machine

Slope impact testing machine

Dual station chair casters durability testing machine

Leather folding machine

Sponge flame retardant test chamber

Sponge repeated compression fatigue testing machine

Chair Rotation Durability Testing Machine

Seat backrest durability testing machine - rear pull type

Technology R&D Center

Sihoo R&D Center focuses on medium - and long-term common technologies, forward-looking technology research, and disruptive product platform innovation. Since its establishment, the R&D center has developed into a first-class research institution in the industry, taking the lead in establishing a professional R&D system for ergonomic data research, human 3D simulation design, and seat shape and structure design.

Strong R&D Team In The Industry

With over 100 domestic and foreign experts and senior engineers, we have achieved technological breakthroughs in many research fields and are a leading research and development center for ergonomic chairs in the industry. We are also certified by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology as the "Guangdong Provincial Green Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center for ergonomic chairs".

Unusual R&D Investment

Every year, with an annual sales revenue of 4-5%, we invest in research and development, gather industry and university R&D manpower and resources, and refine a product for several years.

Technology R&D Center

Sihoo Ergonomic Chair

AU-1 won the "German National Design Award"

Sihoo Ergonomic Chair

'Liuying' won the 'Red Cotton Award 2020 Product Design Award'

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